Sambourne Village

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Monday  8th November 2010 at 7.45 pm


Cllr Chris Clews            Chairman
Cllr Phil Jones
Cllr David Shaw
Cllr Willis Ward
Cllr Geoff Smith
Cllr Clive Rickhards            Warwickshire County Council
Cllr Justin Kerridge            Stratford District Council
Teresa Murphy            Clerk

There were 5 parishioners present

1.  Apologies:: None

2.  Disclosure of Interest :  None

3.  Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 6th September 2010 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4.  Matters arising from the minutes

Mr Archer’s Field:  The majority of the cost would be in clearing the ground, so it was agreed that we would wait until everything had died back and re-assess the situation.

Erection of a Pagoda:  It was agreed that this matter should now be closed as little interest had been shown in the project.

Neighbourhood Watch:  The Chairman has e-mailed Jim Bacon from Studley Parish Council asking for advice about resurrecting the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  He also contacted Sgt Pete Essex about the door to door sales in the village.  Sgt Essex asked parishioners to make a note of who was knocking on doors and get back to him if the problem persists.

War Memorial:  The work on the War Memorial has been carried out – thanks to Cllr Geoff Smith.  The Chairman agreed to contact English Heritage to enquire about grants available to re-engrave the Memorial.

                Action:  Chairman

Finger Posts.  Quotes have been obtained for the proposed indicator on The Green.
It was agreed that Option 3, at a cost of £497 + vat, was the most suitable and in keeping with the existing finger post. A combination of the two destinations (Astwood Bank and Droitwich) would be displayed.  It is understood there is a 14 week delivery time and the Chairman agreed to place the order.

                                               Action:  Chairman 

Planting of Daffodils:  All completed

Biodiversity Group:  To be carried over to the next meeting.

Public Participation:  The Chairman has contacted SDC about the concerns expressed on the proposal of allotments adjacent to Sambourne Warren Farm.  A reply is awaited. Cllr Ward agreed to look into the problem of sewage in the area.

                                               Action:  Chairman, Cllr Ward

Flooding at Capilano Corner:  The pipe has now been unblocked and the matter is closed.

Fly Tipping in Wyke Lane:  Cllr Smith reported that the items had been removed by SDC.

5.  Public Pariticpation: None

6.  The Sambourne Trust – following the death of the Chairman

It was with regret that the death of Robin Quinney, at the end of September, was announced.  Mr Quinney had been a pivotal figure on the Sambourne Trust and a prominent member of Sambourne society. 

The question of the future of the Trust was discussed.  Cllr Shaw reported that a new Chairman would be elected at the AGM in June 2011.  In the meantime he would be acting Chairman.  The Chairman requested that the names of the trustees be put on the website.  He was asked to contact Roger Loach, who would arrange to do this.

                                                         Action:  Chairman

7.  Speed Limit Review

The Chairman is in correspondence with Jonathan Simpkins, head of Traffic Group, and also with the MP for Stratford, Nadhim Zahawi.  It is felt that it would be beneficial for Sambourne to have a 20 mph speed limit around The Green and we should carry on campaigning for this.

                                               Action:  Chairman

8.  Progress of Village Survey

There was discussion on whether the Survey should be based on the village or the parish.  The Chairman will contact Simon Purfield and clarify the matter.

                                               Action:  Chairman

9.  Quotations for grass cutting

Mr Gibbs has supplied quotes for grass cutting for the coming year 11/12.  This includes the extra work currently undertaken by SDC.  The quote was accepted, with the following amendments:

A separate quote be given to ‘weed and feed’ the Green – with the time for it to be undertaken.
Drop March and November from the schedule.

The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Gibbs, confirming the above.

The Clerk was asked to contact Matt Austin at SDC informing him of the Parish Council’s desire to take over the SDC portion of grass cutting within Sambourne and Middletown.

                                                Action: Clerk

10.  Tree Maintenance   
It was reported that WCC Forestry had carried out the felling of the split oak.
The quote for the ash tree would be discussed at the January meeting.

11. Precept for 2011/12
It was agreed that this would be on the agenda for the January meeting.

12.  Donation to The Link

It was agreed that a donation of £100 be made to support the publication of The Link.

13.  Accounts

The Clerk reported that the Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2010 had been approved by Clement Keys on 27th September 2010.
The following cheques were raised:

Clement Keys – Auditors                                  £141.00
Cllr Jones – Expenses                                       £20.00  
The Link                                                               £100.00
Clerk – Salary and Expenses                           £ 424.12

14. Planning


Kiddi Vouchers Ltd   
Provision of 32 car park spaces.  Chestnut Court, Jill Lane   

David Laband   
T1 Fir – Fell         
15.  Correspondence
The WALC Newsletter was circulated.

16.  Chairman’s Business

Community Police: The Chairman expressed concern that the community police officers have to purchase their own regulation boots.  It was suggested that the Parish Council could help support this cost.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.
The Voice:  Cllr Kerridge reported that he anticipated that the next issue of The Voice would be published before Christmas.
Community Speed Watch:  Cllr Kerridge understood that Sambourne will soon be getting the speed ‘gun’.  The Chairman agreed to contact Sally Rolfe at SDC and enquire when that date will be.          
Diamond Jubilee in 2012:  Thought should be given as to what Sambourne could do to celebrate this occasion.

17.  Any other business

Cllr Rickhards gave a report on the proposed cuts within WCC
It was reported that there was flooding on Whitemoor Lane by the railings.  If this persists action will be taken.

18.  Date of next meetings
    Monday 10th January 2011
    Monday 7th March 2011