Sambourne Village

There are three meetings in May:
The annual parish assembly
The annual parish meeting (Sambourne Parish Council) and
The May meeting of Sambourne Parish Council.


Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly held on Monday 10th May 2010 at 7.15 pm


Cllr Chris Clews            Chairman
Cllr Phil Jones
Cllr David Shaw
Cllr Geoff Smith
Cllr Willis Ward
Mrs T Appleby            Clerk


Cllr Clive Rickhards        Warwickshire County Council
Cllr Justin Kerridge        Stratford District Council

There were 10 parishioners present

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 11th May 2009 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Parish Council Chairman’s Report

The Chairman welcomed Justin Kerridge and Clive Rickhards as our new District and County representatives. 
A vote of thanks was given for Les Topham for being our District Councillor for 15 years.
Thanks also to Martin Barry who had a short, but interesting, spell at County
The Regional Spatial Strategy seem to have stalled, due to the recession
Speed limit review complete – latest was the white lines that appeared overnight
15 planning applications during the year – 3 more than last year.  The outcome of all but one followed the comments of the PC
A Village Survey – first step towards a Village Plan – is being drawn up with help from SDC
Dog bin and grit bins are in place
Tree inspection programme ongoing
Painting and maintenance – benches, bus shelter, fence enclosing wild area
WCC are reminded to repair roadside railings, unblock gulleys etc
Village litter pick
Project with Studley High School to produce a detailed map, with house names
Information sheet
Emergency Plan is now complete and distributed to the clerk and PC members
Possibility of having a Christmas tree on the Green was discussed but abandoned due to lack of interest
Elections : District, County, Trust, PC – and the General Election
Walks are organised so that all footpaths are used at least once each year.  Maintenance work continues.

Thanks were expressed to:

Four others on the PC – each believes in protecting the village and works towards this.  They each have areas of special knowledge and expertise.  A pleasure to work with.
Geoff for all his work in the recreation ground and for installing dog bin and notice boards.
Phil and Sue for caring for the border around the Memorial
Justin Kerridge and others who work with him
Litter pickers and all who turned out for the Village tidy up
MiniFest – a success story
There are a lot of ‘unsung heroes’ – those who take a pride in Sambourne and contribute in so many ways.  Their efforts are appreciated.
Terry for keeping us organised.

Annual Accounts of Sambourne Parish Council

The Clerk reported that the accounts for 2009/10 had been prepared and would be forwarded to the internal auditor.  The accounts will then be sent to the external auditors, Clement Keys, for ratification.

Report from the WI

The President, Jacqui Wolfe, gave the Report.  She gave a brief update on the activities of Sambourne Women’s Institute during the past twelve month.

Now in the 57th year and continuing to thrive.
For the first time in the history of the WI a meeting had to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.
A Christmas party was held in the hall and thanks to the kitchen facilities an excellent meal was provided for members and friends.
The summer party was held in the village and local residents and past members spent an enjoyable evening.
This year it was Sambourne’s turn to send a delegate to represent four local WI’s at the AGM held in London.  The resolution at that meeting was an ‘SOS for honey bees’, and the motion was carried by 99.4%.
A variety of speakers have been welcomed, including a Fleet Street photographer, an expert on the work of Women in Narrow Boats during the 2nd World War and, surprisingly, we were able to handle several Birds of Prey in the village hall.
It has been fortunate that new members have joined and there are several visitors who may join at a later date.
This year the WI has presented a member with a bursary of £50 towards some educational pursuit of her choice.  We look forward to hearing the lucky member’s report on this.

Report from The Sambourne Trust

The Report was read by Cllr David Shaw:

The Trust has managed to carry out a number of improvements to its properties. All houses are now double glazed and further projects are in hand.
Actions taken to prevent flooding have been successful.
Tercentenary anniversary has passed and to celebrate the occasion the Trust were able to meet and deliver a number of gifts to people in the parishes of Sambourne and Coughton.
The Trust continues to support Redditch Hospital, the Air Ambulance, Stratford Hospice, Astwood Bank Welfare, Studley High School and students who are going on to university.
The Trustees have agreed, in principle, to the building of more bungalows.
Appreciation was recorded for the help and advice received from the Charity Commission.
Thanks were given to Mrs Ann Shaw for her work as the liaison warden between the tenants and the Trust; also for the care she has given to Mrs Eva Jones, who at 94 is the Trust’s oldest resident.

Issues of Local Importance

None raised.

Other matters raised by an Elector of the Parish

None raised.



Chairman:  Cllr Chris Clews                01527 853844
Clerk:         Teresa Appleby                    01386 462150

Minutes of Annual Parish  Meeting held on Monday 10th May 2010 at 7:45 pm

Cllr Chris Clews            Chairman
Cllr Phil Jones
Cllr David Shaw
Cllr Willis Ward
Cllr Geoff Smith
Teresa Appleby            Clerk

Cllr Clive Rickhards            Warwickshire County Council
Cllr Justin Kerridge            Stratford District Council

There were 10 parishioners present

Election of Chairman
Dr Chris Clews was re-appointed as Chairman
The decision was unanimous
Proposed by Cllr Phil Jones and seconded by Cllr Willis Ward

Declaration of Interest :   None

To approve the minutes held on 11th May 2009
The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Public Participation
There were no matters raised.

To receive Declarations of Office
Declarations of Office were duly signed by the Chairman and Parish Councillors and witnessed by the Clerk.

Dates of Future Meetings
Monday 5th July 2010 at 7.45 pm
Monday 6th September 2010 at 7.45 pm

To Review the Clerk’s Salary
It was agreed that the Clerk would receive an increment of one scale point – from 18 to scale point 19.  Any national agreement on the revision of Local Government salaries would, if appropriate, be backdated to 10th May 2010.



Chairman:  Cllr Chris Clews                01527 853844
Clerk:         Teresa Appleby                07818634783

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 10th May 2010 at 8.00 pm


Cllr Chris Clews            Chairman
Cllr Phil Jones
Cllr David Shaw
Cllr Willis Ward
Cllr Geoff Smith
Cllr Clive Rickhards            Warwickshire County Council
Cllr Justin Kerridge            Stratford District Council
Teresa Appleby            Clerk

There were 14 parishioners present

Disclosure of Interest

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on 1st March 2010 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising from the Minutes
Grit bins:  To be carried forward to the November meeting.

Blocked Gullies:  It was agreed that a list be compiled of all blocked gullies in the parish, giving their exact locations.  A copy of this would be given to Cllr Rickhards and forwarded to WCC for action.
                    Action:  Cllr Smith

Vehicles Parked in Oaktree Lane:  This matter is now closed.  If further problems occur please let the Parish Council know details.

Website:  Alternative providers have been researched.  The Chairman reported that he would like to undertake a trial period for 6 months at a cost of approximately £4 per month.  He would report progress to the July meeting.

Village Map:  Pupils at Studley High School have started work on compiling a Village map.They are, at present, checking house names and location

Planning Application – Allely’s:  The Clerk was asked to find out progress on the recent planning applications.
                    Action:  Clerk

Village Survey and Plan:           Ongoing

Vermin Control:  The Chairman had contacted SDC but has been told that the resident themselves must make representations to the Council.  A return visit by SDC will then be arranged.

Recycling Road Show:  It was hoped that this could be staged at the Mini Fest but unfortunately that was not possible.  The Road Show has been booked for the next Parish Council Meeting - Monday 5th July 2010.

Tree maintenance:  Ken Simons (WCC Forestry) has surveyed the trees in the recreation ground.  He will produce a report which will be forwarded to Cllr Jones.

A question was raised concerning the oak tree by Wood Terrace and the elm on the verge by the lay-by near the church.  Who owns the land on which these two trees are sited – SDC or WCC? 
                    Action:  Cllr Rickhards, Cllr Kerridge

Land registry:  To be carried forward to the next meeting.

Election – Sambourne Trust:  It was reported that David McMullen had been re-elected.

Maintenance:  The Chairman had been in contact with Mr Brown at WCC about the areas of flooding in Whitemoor Lane, Middletown Lane and at Capilano corner.  Please let the Chairman know when, and if, repairs take place.

Public Participation: 
No matters were raised

Trespassing on Mr Archer’s field
Mr Archer has raised concerns about trespassing on to his field, which borders the top of the recreation ground.  Loose dogs have been coming from the recreation ground on to his field and worrying the sheep.  There have also been problems with young footballers trespassing to retrieve their footballs. After discussion, the following actions were agreed:

1)Cllr Ward to look at the cost of installing protective mesh netting to Mr Archer’s field fence.
2)A sign would be erected stating ‘All dogs to be kept on leads’.  The Chairman agreed to contact SDC to find out where such a sign could be purchased.  Cllr Ward would also make enquiries as to sources.
                    Action:  Chairman and Cllr Ward

Speed Limit Review
The speed limit is now complete.  Traffic Group have attended to various issues raised. 
The flashing sign by the White House is now on a regular schedule and traffic data will be forwarded to the Chairman at regular intervals. 
The question was raised of whether there should be a ‘camera’ sign on Middletown Lane. 
                    Action:  Chairman

Village Survey
Simon Purfield is working on the Survey and it is thought that the questionnaire will be completed by late summer.

Best Kept Village 2010
There was a discussion about whether we should enter this year.  New categories have been introduced and it was felt it was worth looking at.  The Chairman would contact Ariadne at WRCC.
                    Action:  Chairman

Land Registry
The Chairman would look into this matter and determine the ownership of the land.  It was suggested that the WCC portal could be used.
                    Action:  Chairman


New Application made since last meeting:

10/00563/FUL N Boulton Development at Sambourne Kennels Support – improve present situation

The following cheques were signed:

WALC subscription          £241.00
AON Insurance                £552.00
Clerk – Salary                  £356.76
             Expenses            £61.88
Cllr Clews – Expenses     £17.20

Chairman’s Business
Negotiations re waste and recycling – Redditch:  Cllr Rickhards to continue negotiations with SDC concerning the use of the Redditch facility by Sambourne residents.
                    Action:  Cllr Rickhards

Community Speed Watch:  now set up, with 9 volunteers.  Cllr Clews to arrange training.  Sally Rolfe from Speed Watch is organising training in Alcester and Stratford.  Volunteers to keep in touch with Chris Clews and let him know which date and location suits

Any Other Business
The 30 mph sign in Sambourne Lane –  reported to be at 45 degrees.  WCC to be informed.               
Action:  Chairman   

It was suggested that daffodils be planted at various places in the village, particularly at the boundary signs.  Sue Jones to give advice on planting.  The Clerk was asked to write to Webbs to ask for a donation of bulbs.
                    Action:  Clerk

The following were requested:
1)The website address to be displayed on all Sambourne notifications
2)Notices on the board to be in larger print
3)New magnets to be purchased.
                    Action:  Clerk

The footpath from outside church to the bottom of Gillespies is obstructed.  Cllr Jones to ask Ian Merivale, the WCC footpaths officer, to investigate.
                    Action:  Cllr Jones

Robin Quinney expressed concern that residents on the perimeter boundaries did not feel part of Sambourne.  However, it was noted that The Link is distributed widely and this was sufficient.

Cllr Jones reported that a parishioner has commented on state of the pavement on Sambourne Lane, opposite Perrymill Lane.  It was agreed that the grass needs to be further removed from the slabs.
                    Action:  Cllr Jones

It was reported that several granite blocks re missing on Sambourne Lane.  Cllr Smith agreed to replace.
                    Action:  Cllr Smith

Dates of next meetings:

Monday 5h July 2010 at 7.45 pm
Monday 6th September 2010 at 7.45