Sambourne Village


Chairman:  Cllr Chris Clews 01527 853844
Clerk: Teresa Murphy 01789 778009

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 7th March 2011 at 7.45 pm


Cllr Chris Clews            Chairman
Cllr Phil Jones
Cllr David Shaw
Cllr Willis Ward
Cllr Clive Rickhards            Warwickshire County Council
Cllr Justin Kerridge            Stratford District Council
Teresa Murphy            Clerk

There were 6 parishioners present

1.  Apologies :   Cllr Geoff Smith

2.  Disclosure of Interest :  None

3.  Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 10th January 2011 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4.  Matters arising from the minutes

Mr Archer’s Field:  A solution to the problem would be to carry out more planting and Cllr Ward agreed to purchase suitable hedging on behalf of the Parish Council.

                        Action:  Cllr Ward

Neighbourhood Watch:  The Parish Council had heard that John Chilton had reinstated Neighbourhood Watch in Sambourne.  The Chairman will contact him.

                        Action:  Chairman

Sambourne Trust:  Cllr Shaw reported that the website and e-mail facility is in the process of being updated.  The new Clerk to Sambourne Trust is Pauline Harris, who had contacted the Parish Council and confirmed that there is not an election for the nominative Trustee this year.

Grass cutting:  Confirmation of the area of grass in question and the cost has been received from Matt Austin, Stratford District Council.  The details are:  6376 m2 of grass, cut 9 times per year – total cost £1021.

Progress of Village Survey:  The Survey is now complete and will be circulated soon

Ash tree in Recreation Ground: A date in April 2011 has been given to carry out work on the ash tree.

Recompense for farmers for snow clearing:  A letter and cheque has been sent to those involved

Precept 2011/12:  The Clerk has returned the forms to SDC requesting a Precept of £8646.59.  No increase from 2010/11 has been asked for.

Salt bins:  Cllr Rickhards reported that the salt bins had been refilled.

Road at Capilano Corner:  Three of the five chevrons have been demolished.  WCC had said the repair work would be carried out but, to date, this has not been completed.  Cllr Rickhards was asked to contact Paul Cowley.

Stream by railings in Whitemoor Lane:  The Chairman reported that the railings had been repaired.  The flooding is caused by water running off the fields.  Cllr Rickhards reported that Paul Cowley had said remedial work would be carried out this year.  He would keep us informed.

                        Action:  Cllr Rickhards

5.  Public Participation:  None

6.  War Memorial

The Chairman reported that the War Memorial was last cleaned and the lettering (70 characters) re-cut in 2002.  He had contacted a stone mason in Stratford who was not willing to give a quote for re-painting the lettering until the stone had been cleaned, which would be very costly.  Adam Quinney offered to clean the Memorial with a pressure washer in July, when the grass on the Green was dry enough to take a tractor. 

Cllr Ward considered the Memorial should not need re-engraving after only 9 years.  He agreed to have a look at it.  If he thinks the work should be undertaken, it was agreed that:

1) The Parish Council would accept Adam Quinney’s offer to clean the Memorial
2) The Chairman would find out what chemicals should be used
3) Two quotes would be asked for separately
a) For re-enamelling
b) For re-engraving.

We should also find out if we can access any grants.

                        Action:  Chairman, Cllr Ward

7.  Request to use The Green as part of the Community Celebration of the Royal Wedding on 29th April 2011

A request had been made to use The Green for a community celebration on 29th April 2011.  There were no objections, so long as The Green is protected by boarding to prevent damage to the grass.  There was discussion about closing the road and subsequent questions of insurance. 

                        Action:  Chairman, Cllr Kerridge

8.  Speed Limit Review
The Chairman had analysed the latest traffic data and had contacted John Simpkins of WCC Traffic Group with his observations.  A reply has now been received and a meeting is to be arranged.  Cllr Rickhards will be present at the meeting and agreed to book a room at Studley Village Hall. 

                        Action:  Chairman, Cllr Rickhards

9.  Accounts

The following cheques were raised:

Zen – rental of web space  
CPRE annual subscription 
Printing of Parish Survey (D Potts)
Clerk’s salary 
Clerk’s expenses

10.  Planning   

Results of Planning since last meeting:

P Chambers Retrospective Planning
8 Acre Field
Permission granted
2nd March 2011
Allelys Holdings
Haydon Way Farm
Conversion of listed agricultural buildings with associated parking Permission with conditions
1st February 2011
10/00266/FUL Allelys Holdings
Haydon Way Farm
Proposed change of use.  Amendments to vehicular access and parking Permission with conditions
26th January 2011
10/01312/FUL Robert Green
Glebe Farm
Demolition of existing buildings and erection of replacement dwelling Withdrawn
7th February 2011

New Applications made since last meeting:


Kiddi Vouchers
Jill Lane
Proposed glazed canopy over main entr4ance. 
Fire exit door inserted at rear
No objections

Dr J Curnew
Greenfield Cottage
Middletown Lane
Change of use of land to equestrian use. 
Construction of ménage and access track to paddocks

Mr M Hands
Woodview, Middletown Lane
Proposed first floor side extension and pitched roof No objections

Thymus Cottage:  Cllr Kerridge was asked to write to SDC Planning Office and ask for clarification as to where their 30% guide-line that has been applied sits in respect of the 2008 legal permitted development regulation.

                        Action:  Cllr Kerridge

12.  Correspondence

A letter from WCC concerning a Speed Aware ‘flashing sign’ had been received.  It was decided that as this would be of little benefit to Sambourne no action would be taken.

13.  Chairman’s business

HMRC guidance:  Correspondence had been received concerning the employment of Parish Council Clerks.  Cllr Ward agreed to investigate further.

                        Action:  Cllr Ward

Minifest:  The date for the Mini Fest will be 25th June 2011.  Cllr Kerridge was asked to give the Chairman details to put on the website.

                        Action:  Chairman, Cllr Kerridge

Core Strategy Workshop:  The Chairman and Cllr Ward will attend the Workshop to be held 24th March at Studley Village Hall.

14.  Any other Business

1) Cllr Jones, in the interest of bio-diversity, has made several nest boxes which have been sited in trees on the recreation ground.

2) Now that the daffodils planted last autumn are coming through it was decided to plant more bulbs along the verges.  Sue Jones was asked to research the most appropriate planting.

                        Action:  Cllr and Mrs Jones

15.  Dates of next meetings:
Monday 9th May 2011    - Annual Meeting, Parish Assembly and Parish Council
Monday 4th July 2011 - Parish Council meeting