Sambourne Village

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 5th July 2010 at 7.45 pm


Cllr Chris Clews            Chairman
Cllr Phil Jones
Cllr David Shaw
Cllr Willis Ward
Cllr Geoff Smith
Cllr Clive Rickhards        Warwickshire County Council
Cllr Justin Kerridge        Stratford District Council
Teresa Appleby            Clerk

There were 11 parishioners present

Disclosure of Interest

Recycling Road Show
Chris Dobson, Waste and Recycling Officer from WCC, addressed the meeting.  He thanked the people of Sambourne for their efforts in recycling household waste.  Last year the County reached the target of 58.5% recycling. The cost of landfill is very high and ways of reducing cost are continually being looked at.  From December 2010 there will be further improvements in recycling different materials through the ‘blue bin’.  Chris answered various questions concerning the different types of recycling.  The Chairman thanked Chris for the informative presentation and reassured him that Sambourne would continue to support recycling initiatives.

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on 14th May 2010 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising from the Minutes
Blocked Gullies:  Carried forward to the next meeting.

Planning Application: Allely’s:  Cllr Rickhards reported that the application was at present with the County Highways Department for a report on impact on traffic. 

Oak Tree : Wood Terrace:  It was confirmed that the oak tree was owned by WCC, who will be responsible for any maintenance.

Trespassing on Mr Archer’s Field:  Cllr Ward is in the process of obtaining a quote for 60m of protective netting.  SDC advise against a ‘All dogs to be kept on leads’ notice and it is hoped that the netting will suffice.
Action:  Cllr Ward

Speed Limit Review: 
1)Camera signs are being phased out as restrictions are being lifted on the use of mobile cameras. 
2)The ‘speed awareness’ sign is due to return to Middletown Lane shortly. 
3)Cllr Rickhards informed the Council that John Simpkins of Road Traffic Group would be happy to have a meeting about any concerns.
4)A parishioner made a complaint about the speeding in Sambourne Lane.  The Chairman agreed to raise the matter with the police.
                        Action:  Chairman

Land Registry:  The Chairman has written to the Land Registry.  A reply is awaited.  

Waste and Recyling : Redditch:         Ongoing

30 mph sign in Sambourne Lane:    No longer an issue.   

Footpath outside Church:  Cllr Jones reported that Adam Quinney intends to move the fence so he can clear the pathway with his cutter. This will be done in the Autumn.

Pavement on Sambourne Lane:  The pavement is deteriorating and needs widening.  Work still to be carried out.

Granite blocks : Sambourne Lane:  This has been rectified.

Public Participation
1)There was a request for a grit bin near Capilano Corner.  WCC have dealt with the drainage problem and it is hoped that the problem with the icy road will not arise again this winter.

2)Cllr Kerridge suggested that a pagoda could be erected on the Recreation Ground.   There was a possibility of obtaining an ‘Open Spaces’ grant.  He was asked to look at prices and make enquiries about funding.

                        Action:  Cllr Kerridge

Proposal to develop affordable housing in Sambourne (Sambourne Trust)

A letter had been received from WRCC concerning a Housing Needs Survey to support the above proposal.  The Chairman expressed concern about this proposal.

David McMullen from Sambourne Trust stated that discussions had taken place at Trust meetings concerning the possible building of more bungalows but no decision had been made to pursue the matter and it was not in the current plans.  Cllr Shaw also gave his assurance that no decisions have been made.

Speed Limit Review                Ongoing

Village Survey
The draft of the Village Survey has been completed. The Chairman will circulate the document to Councillors for comment.  
                        Action:   Chairman   

Tree Maintenance
Ken Simons from WCC Forestry carried out a survey in April. He identified three trees that were in need of maintenance, the most urgent of which is an oak tree on the recreation ground which needs felling before the winter.  It was agreed that the work needs to be carried out but it was proposed that further quotes be sought.  Councillor Shaw agreed to action this.  If a lower quote is obtained it was agreed that we should accept it and work to commence as soon as possible.
                        Action:  Cllr Shaw

The following cheques were raised:

Stratford District Council           £100.00      Election Expenses
Coughton with Sambourne        £70.00       Room hire
C Clews                                     £10.00       Expenses
J R Gibbs                                   £1138.93  Grass cutting
Clerk                                           £370.12    Salary
                                                   £53.50      Expenses

The following planning application has been received:

26/05/2010        10/01034/FUL        Allely’s Holdings
                        Demolition of Workshop    Concerns

Chairman's Business
Neighbourhood Watch:  On the recommendation of the Community Police it was suggested that Neighbourhood Watch be resurrected.  Cllr Rickhards suggested that we contact the Chairman of Studley PC, Jim Bacon, with a view to linking with them.  It was agreed that an advertisement be put in the Parish magazine and a meeting arranged.
                        Action:  Cllr Rickhards, Chairman

Community Speed Watch:  This is now in operation.  It was proposed that Sambourne Trust be asked to make a donation toward equipment.

Minifest:  This was again a great success.  Thanks to all those involved in its organisation.

War Memorial:  The War Memorial needs pointing.  It was agreed that Cllr Smith would action this and give his invoice to the Clerk.
                        Action:  Cllr Smith

Studley High School Grid:  Pupils from Studley High School have been working on the grid map, giving location of properties in Sambourne.  It should be completed by the end of term.

Any other business
Finger Post:  Cllr Shaw has been discussing with Mrs Redmond the problems caused by the sign near the Green having a missing finger.  He agreed to obtain quotes for a replacement to be sited actually on the Green.
                        Action:  Cllr Ward, Chairman

Planting of daffodils:  Sue Jones has researched the cost of daffodil bulbs.  We would need about 50 kg of bulbs at a cost of approximately £60.  Bulbs are available from August, for planting in September.  Sue would be willing to bag the bulbs up and distribute them to those willing to assist in the planting.  We are still awaiting a reply concerning a donation of bulbs from Webbs Garden Centre. 
                        Action:  Sue Jones, Clerk

Footpath Signs:  Cllr Jones asked that signs concerning dogs harming farm animals be displayed in the notice board.
                        Action:  Clerk

Biodiversity Group:  Cllr Jones will feed back at the next meeting.
                        Action:  Cllr Jones

Dates of next meetings:

Monday 6th September 2010 at 7.45 pm
Monday 8th November 2010 at 7.45 pm