Sambourne Village


Chairman:  Cllr Chris Clews                01527 853844
Clerk:         Teresa Murphy                    01789 778009

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 10th January 2011 at 7.45 pm


Cllr Chris Clews            Chairman
Cllr Phil Jones
Cllr David Shaw
Cllr Willis Ward
Cllr Geoff Smith
Cllr Clive Rickhards            Warwickshire County Council
Cllr Justin Kerridge            Stratford District Council
Teresa Murphy            Clerk

There were 6 parishioners present

1.  Apologies : None

2.  Disclosure of Interest :  None

3.  Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 8th November 2010 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4.  Matters arising from the minutes

Mr Archer’s field:  Cllr Ward is in communication with Mr Archer.  

Neighbourhood Watch:  the Chairman has put a notice on the website and in The Link.  He has also spoken to Jim Bacon from Studley Parish Council.  So far there has been little progress.  It was agreed that Cllr Kerridge would take the matter further and speak to John Chiltern.
                        Action:  Cllr Kerridge

War Memorial:  The Chairman has been in touch with English Heritage concerning re-engraving the names on the War Memorial.  No reply has been received to date.  There is a possibility of obtaining a grant from WCC and Lizzie Price (WCC) suggests we contact the British Legion, who use a company called George Cliffords of Stratford on Avon.  It was agreed that the Chairman would arrange for Cliffords to make a site visit and give us a quote.

                        Action:  Chairman
Finger Posts:  The Chairman has placed the order for the indicator, as agreed at the last meeting.  The estimated date for delivery is March 2011.

Allotments:  To be carried over to the next meeting

Biodiversity Group:  Cllr Jones confirmed that a report on the work of the Biodiversity Group had been placed on the website.

The Sambourne Trust:  The Chairman had been unable to contact a member of The Trust.  Cllr Shaw agreed to supply a contact number for Roger Loach.
                        Action:  Chairman

Grass cutting:  The Clerk had received an e-mail from Matt Austin of SDC confirming the details for the transfer of grass cutting responsibility from SDC to Sambourne Parish Council for 2011 onwards.  However, the area of grass concerned and the subsequent cost differed from the original quote.  The Chairman agreed to contact Matt Austin to query this.

                        Action:  Chairman

5.  Public Participation

Cllr Kerridge requested a contribution of £30 towards the publication of The Voice.  It was agreed that in future Cllr Kerridge would ask the new editor, Jean Clarke, to contact the Parish Council when the next edition is published and request a contribution.

                        Action:  Cllr Kerridge

6.  Speed Limit Review

The Chairman has supplied Jonathan Simpkins of Traffic Group with data gathered in May 2010 from the survey undertaken in Middletown Lane, Sambourne Lane by the recreation ground and Sambourne Lane by St Joseph’s.  No reply has yet been received from Nadhim Zahawi regarding the 20 mph speed limit around The Green.


7.  Progress of Village Survey

The Chairman has contacted Simon Purfield with the latest feedback.  Simon will update the Survey and re-issue it.
8.  Maintenance work on ash tree in Recreation Ground

It was agreed unanimously that WCC Forestry be asked to carry out the work on the ash tree at the priced quoted.

                        Action:  Chairman, Cllr Jones
9.  Recompense for farmers who cleared the snow from the lanes

Everybody is extremely grateful to the farmers who worked so hard to keep the lanes passable, with care, during the snow in December.  It was suggested that the Parish Council recompense them for their time and diesel used.  Consequently it was agreed that a one off payment of £50 be made to Adam Quinney, Shaun Quinney and Peter Archer.  The Clerk was asked to action this and write a letter of thanks.

                        Action:  Clerk
10.  Precept for 2011/12

It was agreed that Sambourne Parish Council would not request an increase in Precept for the coming year.  The Precept would stand at £8646.59 and the Clerk was asked to return the appropriate forms to SDC.
                        Action:  Clerk

11.  Accounts:

The following cheques were issued:

J R Gibbs Grass cutting £1500.20
WCC Forestry 
Tree maintenance £ 296.63
Open Spaces
Coughton with Sambourne
Room hire £65.00

J Kerridge 
The Voice
£ 30.00
C Clews    Website rental
£ 9.38
Adam Quinney
Recompense – Snow
Shaun Quinney 
Recompense – Snow
Peter Archer 
Recompense – Snow £50.00   


12.  Planning
Results of Planning Applications since last meeting
C Wyatt    T1 oak tree – Caprice, Perry Mill Lane.  Reduction of limbs overhanging adjacent property   
Permission granted 29/11/2010    

New Applications made since last Meeting

C Ellinger and M Roseblade    Thymus Cottage, Oak Tree Lane
Erection of replacement dwelling with detached double garage and associated works   
Objections from PC and CPRE      
10/02496/FUL    P Chambers   
Retrospective Permission for works at 8 acre field, Bromsgrove Road   

13.  Correspondence

The Clerk circulated the WALC briefing document and also a letter from the Royal British Legion concerning a ‘Poppy Party’.

14.  Chairman’s Business

Salt Bins:  Cllr Rickhards was asked to check with WCC that these had been re-filled.

Road at Capilano Corner:  Mr Birley had written to WCC expressing concern that the chevrons had been knocked down.  Cllr Rikhards was asked to contact John Brown at WCC to ensure that the matter had been dealt with.

                            Action:  Cllr Rickhards

Stream by railings in Whitemoor Lane:  Flooding is still occurring at this location.  Chairman to contact John Brown at WCC.

                            Action:  Chairman

Boundaries:  There was discussion about the possibility of changing the boundary of Sambourne Parish.  The Chairman has contacted WALC to find out what procedures would have to be taken.

15.  Any other business

Cllr Rickhards gave a brief financial update of  WCC.

16.   Dates of next meetings

Monday 7th March 2011                7.45 pm

Monday 9th May 2011:

Annual Parish Assembly    7.00 pm
Annual Parish Meeting    7.30 pm
Parish Council Meeting    8.00 pm


Chairman:  Cllr Chris Clews                01527 853844
Clerk:         Teresa Murphy                    01789 778009